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          Grant success: Kirby Institute awarded more than $10M in latest round of NHMRC funding

          澳客彩票网’s high impact research will receive a $10 million boost, with six successful researchers receiving funds through the NHMRC’s new and highly competitive Investigator Grants scheme.

          The scheme, announced yesterday by the Minister for Health, the Honourable Greg Hunt, provides a total of $440 million to support medical research projects through universities and institutions across Australia.


          The funds will support Kirby Institute researchers to lead projects aimed to understand, prevent and eliminate 艾滋病, hepatitis C and malaria in Australia and globally.

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          The new investigator scheme has been established to provide researchers with flexibility to pursue important new research directions as they arise and to form collaborations as needed, rather than being restricted to the scope of a specific research project.

          Congratulations to the Kirby Institute researchers who were awarded 2019 NHMRC Investigator Grants:

        • 教授英里达文波特’s grant will bolster the research program he leads at the Kirby Institute, which applies mathematical modelling and analysis to experimental data in 艾滋病, malaria and immune development to elicit new insights, informing future clinical trial development.
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